Merlin Park Woods, Permanent Orienteering Course Launch

Orienteering is finding one’s way in wooded or open terrain. The participant visits a number of features (controls) in the terrain as shown on map. Select a short, medium or long course starting on the east or west side of the wood and download map from website. Choose your route and visit the controls in sequence 1, 2, 3 etc., The maps are at 1:5,000 scale and will fit on an A4 sheet of paper. There is a plaque on the post at each of the control sites with an identifying number, correlates to the number on the control descriptions on the left corner of the map. This confirms your position on the ground as indicated on the map. At the bottom of the plaque there are 3 codes in black, red and green. Writing down the codes on a card or on a sheet of paper confirms site visit. The short and medium courses are buggy friendly. The long courses are technically difficult with some of the controls in the forest away from the paths.