MapRun is an app, that when downloaded to your smartphone, is used to participate in an orienteering event. The app will show a map on your screen with the orienteering course marked on it. As you navigate around the course the app will record your gps track and which controls you visit. This allows you to do an orienteering course at any time of your choosing.

There are many MapRun courses available throughout Ireland. You can find one close to you by downloading the app to your phone. WEGO have setup several MapRun courses in Galway and Clare which you are free to try.

Two new courses, Sunnyvale Lawn and South Park, are available in Check sites on the MapRunF app on your phone. Open the app in your phone and click on the Green Button with the 3 black lines at the bottom right of the screen. Click on Check Sites and you will be asked to enter the 6 digit map code. Enter the code for the course of your choice listed below.  Click Ok and the name of the event you submitted code for will appear under Select Event. Click on Go to Start and the map with course will appear on your screen.

The codes for Sunnyvale Lawn and South Park are valid until 5th February 2022.

Once the GPS is live, you need to run or walk through the Start to trigger the course timer.  

Now you can walk or run the route. Just pass close to the control point so it records you visiting it.  

Remember that you need to pass through the Finish to stop the timer  At the finish, MapRunF will automatically upload your results. You can do the course as many times as you want.   It is recommended that you keep your phone in your hand or in a shoulder strap and carry keep a paper map in your hand.

Navigating using a map on a small phone screen can be a bit of a pain, so you can download and print a paper map using the links above.

You can get more information on MapRun at and . You can get information on other forms or DIY orienteering at