‘Whop Whop Whop’ – the distracting, visually horrendous 130 wind turbines of the Galway Wind Farm overshadowed the second day of IOC2017. These monstrous impositions on the landscape of Conamara were placed during the very visible water protests. No group opposed these awful eyesores.
    The competition was keen with 75% less rain in April 2017 compared to April 2016 the ground was suitable for fast running. the weather should have been ‘three degrees and wet’ (Met Eireann) certainly the weather was apocalyptic on the same terrain for the Irish 3 Day 2014.
    Irish Language Orthography:
    Leim Oirthear (Eastern Leap); Sruth an Iolra (Eagles Stream) and Log an Chaorthainn (The Place of the Rowan Tree) and finally Derreighter (Eastern Woodland)
    cf: http://ioc.orienteering.ie/2017
     The future of Orienteering? The sport will take care of itself




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